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Payday Loan misery is a serious issue. If you have payday loan debt caused by repeat, unaffordable borrowing, we can help.


Payday loans have increased in popularity in the last two to three years. During the recent financial crisis, many hardworking people have struggled to find ways to meet their day to day living expenditure and had difficulty obtaining more conventional forms of credit. Payday loans have commonly been advertised as an easy and quick way to raise some money to solve a short-term problem. However, things aren’t always as good as they may first appear. This is very often the case with payday loans. Payday loans usually involve paying extremely high rates of interest that can lead to spiralling debts getting out of control.


If you are one of the many people who have felt the need to arrange a payday loan but this has caused you financial difficulty, we can help you claim a refund from the payday loan provider in respect of mis-selling.

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You feel that you are in an ever-increasing circle of debt and that payday loan costs contributed to a weekly / monthly struggle to meet your household bills; or


Repayments are or were being automatically taken from your bank account or credit card by payday loan lenders that do not leave sufficient funds on which to live.  


A payday loan was made available to you when you were suffering from ill health, on a low income or on benefits.  

A payday loan was not affordable.  


The payday loan lender encouraged you to “roll over” a payday loan resulting in you incurring more fees


You needed to borrow further funds or not pay important bills such as utilities, council tax or rent in order to repay the payday loan.


You could not repay your loans without being placed in undue difficulty.

The Payday Loan Claim Specialist Company.

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